Supply Chain

Guaranteed delivery times for all our products using a comprehensive fleet of trucks operated by our approved subcontractors.

Privately owned and mill-independent, SEBDEN have long established supply and ‘partnering’ relationships with mills throughout the world. We believe in matching our customer’s needs to specific mills production capabilities to ensure tried and tested quality as well as a continuity of supply.

We supply a wide range of the market and are thereby not dependent on any one particular sector for our business, offering a degree of stability, flexibility and continuity for our customers, with appropriate credit terms.

We can offer a range of delivery options:

We react to global variables, such as:

  • Just-In-Time’ – to meet customers specific production schedule.
  • Kanban’ – cards to monitor and replenish stock.
  • Consignment stock.
  • Capacity and mill production constraints.
  • Quota & raw material shortages.
  • Trade embargos.