Aluminised Steel

Aluminised is coated on both sides with an aluminium-silicon alloy. The coating is composed of 90% aluminium and 10% silicon.

Aluminised is particularly suitable for applications requiring high resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Up to 450°C, the top surface of the Aluminised coating does not alter and the presence of silicon allows the coating to be used at temperatures as high as 650°C without flaking.

  • Coating mass (grams per square metre) – AS060 (60g/m2) & AS150 (150g/m2)
  • Protective coating – Chromate protected, chromium free and oiled, or untreated
  • EN 10327: 2004 – Forming/Drawing Quality in DX51D+AS up to DX55D+AS
  • EN 10346: 2009 – Structural steel in grades S220GD, S280GD, S320GD, S350GD
  • EN 10346: 2009 – Micro-alloyed steel in grades HX260LAD+Z, HX300LAD+Z, HX340LAD+Z, HX380LAD+Z, HX420LAD+Z