Electro Zinc Steel

Electro Zinc offers good resistance to corrosion for indoor applications. It has also excellent weldability.

Electro Zinc products are an excellent substrate for painting, both in terms of adhesion and appearance.

Zinc coating mass (grams per square metre) – from ZE25/25 (2.5 microns or 18g/m2) up to ZE100/100 (10.0 microns or 72g/m2).

  • Protective coating – Chromate protected, chromium free and oiled, anti-fingerprint (AF) finish, or untreated
  • Surface finish – General purpose (A); or, Full Finish (B)
  • EN 10152: 2009 – Forming/Drawing quality in DD11 (HR4) up to DD14 (HR1)
  • EN 10152: 2009 – Micro-alloyed steel in grades HC260LA+ZE, HC300LA+ZE,HC340LA+ZE, HC380LA+ZE, HC420LA+ZE