Galvannealed Steel

The coating of 90% zinc & 10% iron. The iron content in the coating improves weldability. The matt micro-structure of the surface provides excellent adhesion for painting.

  • Coating mass (grams per square metre) – Z100 (100g/m2) & Z140 (140g/m2)
  • Protective coating – Chromate protected, chromium free and oiled, or untreated
  • Surface finish – Regular finish (RA); Improved finish (RB)
  • EN 10346: 2006 – Forming/Drawing quality in DX51D+ZF up to DX56D+ZF
  • EN 10346: 2009 – Micro-alloyed steel in grades HX260D+ZF, HX300LAD+ZF, HX340LAD+ZF, HX380LAD+ZF, HX420LAD+ZF